Know Your Colours

It’s another guest episode!! We have the lovely Jeannie Stith-Mawhinney with us today. Jeannie is the founder and owner of Your Color Guru. She is obsessed with helping real women look and feel amazing in their clothes. If you would love to have a more streamlined wardrobe, be able to shop for clothes quicker and more simply then you will love, love, LOVE this episode! We learnt so much in our chat with Jeannie as she shares about the process of doing someone’s colours and how it aligns so beautifully with living an intentional life. We also had the pleasure of having our colours done so tune in to find out how different we are yet again! Be sure to listen all the way to the end as there is a special Discount Code for our listeners to use! Happy Listening!

● Uncover what knowing your colours has to do with decluttering;

● Learn about the process of figuring out someone’s colours;

● Highlight why knowing your colours is important;

● Encourage you as always to be intentional with your purchases;

● Find out what happens if you change your hair colour like Kirsty did;

● And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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● Your Color Guru Website

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Special thanks to frances in san francisco for your review!

Big thanks to Jeannie for your time and for doing our colours for us!! We loved learning about the whole process.

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