Life Changing Transformation

Guest interview time – today you get to meet Katie! Katie is Kirsty’s friend and client and they get chatting about all things decluttering and moving. Katie and her family have moved a few times and are preparing to move yet again, so she knows a little something about how helpful decluttering can be. Be encouraged and uplifted as Katie shares how she went from feeling overwhelmed and uncomfortable in her own home, to her and her husband Cam becoming decluttering superstars resulting in a calmer more organised space that Katie is now proud of. Katie’s story is one of amazing transformation and loads of hard work – we know you’ll be inspired.

You may notice that it’s just Kirsty with us today – but don’t worry Amy is fine and will be back with us next week!

In this episode we:

● Find out a bit about Katie, her family and her experience as a client;

● Discuss the difference areas that Katie worked on in her home;

● Hear how Katie went from feeling overwhelmed to being able to pack up her house with her husband in 2 days!;

● Share advice and tips for dealing with sentimental items;

● Learn some of the mindset shifts and lessons that Katie and her husband have experienced;

● Highlight how the incredible teamwork of Katie and her husband Cam has impacted their decluttering journey;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

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Special thanks to Katie for giving us your time to chat and share part of your story with all our listeners. Thank you for your support!

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