Listener Questions 2.0

It’s listener question time!! After their Today Extra interview, the girls inspired themselves to ask everyone to send in their questions. So this week’s episode is for you, our amazing listeners!! There is SO much gold just waiting to be found!! Sit back, relax and enjoy as Kirsty and Amy once again blow us away with their incredible wisdom and excellent advice.

In this episode we:

  • Encourage you to be intentional about what comes into your home;
  • Remind you that you are never alone;
  • Invite you to come and join our Head, Heart & Home Course;
  • Challenge you to be intentional about how you are using your time;
  • Identify the power of ‘NO’ and using healthy boundaries;
  • Find out why Kirsty loves The Enneagram so much;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

The Enneagram

Head, Heart & Home Course

Special mention to Stacey Avila and Rachel for becoming our newest patreon members!

Special mentions also go to Rachel, Owen Gray, Nina Bishop, Laurie, Jess Gimm and ALL of our amazing listeners who took the time to send in their questions. A huge thank you from us!

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