Loss Aversion Theory

Today we attempt to explain Loss Aversion theory. Now, neither of us are economists or behavioural therapists but we try our best to explain what it is and how we see it’s impact on the decluttering process. We also chat Wordle, why Kirsty loves A Country Podcast so much and how Amy has an awe inspiring ability to listen to so many different podcasts! Make sure to listen to the end as we share a couple of the ones we love to listen too.

In this episode we;

  • Define loss aversion theory and give examples of what loss aversion theory looks like;
  • Share how loss aversion theory relates to decluttering;
  • Give suggestions how to hack your brain to make it easier;
  • Encourage you that you WILL gain momentum and be able to make really quick decisions;
  • Remind you to be mindful and intentional about what you bring into your home in the first place;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

List of podcasts we recommend checking out:

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