The Wellness Rebellion with Maz Compton – Part 2

**language warning – some mild language in today’s episode – so not suitable for little ears**

It’s part 2! We are back with more Maz Compton today. Maz is a real kindred spirit and we are so excited to bring you more of her wisdom and truth bombs. So come join us as we hear more of Maz’s story and the amazing life lessons she has has learnt. Oh and make sure to catch up on Part 1 from last week if you missed it – (we’ve linked last week’s ep below to make it easy for you to find).

In this episode;

  • Maz shares about planning for the future and goals;
  • Maz tells us how giving up drinking changed her life;
  • We discuss the power of saying NO and why it’s so important;
  • Maz shares her passion for empowering kids through choices;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

● Maz’s podcast – The Wellness Rebellion

● Maz’s Book – The Social Rebellion

The Wellness Rebellion with Maz Compton – Part 1 Episode

Love & Logic

Loving our Kids on Purpose

Thank you so much Maz for your time!! We had the most amazing time with you and are so excited by all you have to share with the world!

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