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Do you work in an office at a desk? Is your desk full of clutter? Do you look with envy at others who have a clean desk or do you wonder if they get any work done? This week we chat about what you need on your desk, what you don’t need on your desk, phone detox, productivity hacks, daily habits and so much more! You will laugh along with (at) us as well as be inspired to look at your desk with fresh eyes to see how you could change your productivity. We also set a challenge to spend 5 minutes each morning of just dreaming undistracted. Big shout out to Danielle Jones for the episode idea and Elizabeth Cronk for your support over at Patreon.com/theartofdecluttering. We hope you enjoy it!

Things we mentioned in the podcast this week;

Slow Your Home Podcast – Slow Experiment about getting outdoors

Shillinglaw Cafe that Amy went to this week

Phone detox apps;





App Detox (Android)

Productivity & Habit Hacks

Pomodoro Technique

Research done on seeing nature everyday thanks to Slow Your Home Podcast!

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