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This December we again wanted to practice what we preach and have some white space in our lead ups to Christmas this year. We decided to showcase some of the podcast where we have been the guests!

In 2017 we recorded 5 episodes around Christmas themes, Schedules, Decorations, Gifts and Wrapping, Christmas Functions and Christmas holidays and we repeated these again last year so if you are wanting some tips and tricks for the Christmas season have a listen to episode 22 through to 26, we will link to them in the show notes.

This week, we are sharing This Organized Life podcast and our conversation with Laurie Palau. We have a chat about starting the new year well and even though it was recorded for 2019 we think you’ll love it as you start 2020. If you want to hear more from the three of us then listen to episode #94 as we interview Laurie on the on 4 Types of Clutter, we will link to it in the show notes.

And as this episode was recorded for earlier this year we just wanted to remind you all that Amy & Kirsty have now joined their individual organising businesses into The Art of Decluttering so you’ll find both of us at The Art of Decluttering everywhere!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Simply B Organized

Homeschooling Episode

Christmas Schedule

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Functions

Christmas Holidays

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