Pareto Principle

Today we explore Pareto’s Principle. Also known as the 80/20 rule or law of the vital few.

For example, you wear 20% of your clothes, 80% of the time.
Kids play with 20% of their toys, 80% of the time.

In any given category in your home, are you using just 20% of what you have? does your 20% work hard for you so that the 80% is unnecessary?

could you reduce your wardrobe by 80%
could you reduce your kids toys by 80%
could you reduce your shoes by 80%
could you reduce your serving wear by 80%
could you reduce your make up by 80%
could you reduce your ornaments or nick knacks by 80%

Its also a helpful principle when you’re wondering why it’s so hard to be a minimalist in an area in your home (or everywhere in your home). it’s not that you’ll never need the 80%… it’s just that you don’t need it very often. And that for something you’ll need 20% of the time – boy you’re keeping A LOT OF THINGS IN THAT CATEGORY.

What’s wrong with the 80% that they’re not making the cut?

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