Photos! In our generation alone, we have had slides, Polaroids, Film with negatives, Digital cameras, phone camera (and this isn’t even touching Super 8’s & videos!) so we know the task of decluttering and organising your photos can be overwhelming so this week we bring your some tips and tricks. Big shout out to Kate Haines for this topic idea and to Meggan Gasciogne for the Facebook review! We hope you enjoy it!

Here are some questions to ask yourself;

  • Can you name anyone in the photo?
  • Do you remember where that scenery is?
  • How many photos do I need to remember this moment?
  • Do I want to remember this moment?
  • Do I want to remember this person?
  • Is this a really unflattering photo of me? (a note of caution though: You are keeping photos for future generations, not just yourself. So will your kids wish they had more photos of you in those embarrassing teenage years, even if you don’t)
  • How can I give honour to this photo?
  • Is this a duplicate (triplicate) of a photo?

We always recommend decluttering first before you organise your photos!

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