Sea Change

Meet Owen. Owen is an avid Art of Decluttering podcast listener and just happens to be one our oldest friends. Owen is a man of many talents and interests – he is an osteopath, leads a very active lifestyle and loves to travel. You may have seen Owen in our Facebook community being encouraging or asking (and answering) great questions. Today we get to ask him the questions and uncover more about the awesome man that he is.

In this episode Owen:

  • Tells us a little bit about himself and his decluttering journey;
  • Highlights what minimalism and intentional living mean to him;
  • Shares where he gets his inspiration from – decluttering and otherwise;
  • Tells us about his recent experience of downsizing from a house to an apartment;
  • Gives some tips for single people and those living with housemates;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Project 333

● Carson Cresley – Off the Cuff book

● Mari Kondo Books

Joshua Becker

The Minimalists podcast

● Kim Thomas – Simplicity: Finding Peace by Uncluttering Your Life book

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