Shopping Bags

Did you know that shopping bags don’t have to take over your house and that they can actually be nicely organised?!

Over a week ago Amy posted a video to our socials showing us all her hack for folding reusable plastic shopping bags – well it created quite a stir! We even had our friend and fellow podcast host Mandy from Too Peas DM us on Instagram with her own questions after seeing it. So thanks Mandy, today’s podcast was inspired by you!

Since grocery stores phased out single use plastic shopping bags a few years ago, people all over the country have been unintentionally hoarding reusable bags. It is very common for us to find said bags stuffed into multiple cupboards and drawers when in our clients homes. We get it, we’ve all been there, you get to the checkout and the realisation sets in….you forgot your bags! Faced with the choice of becoming a pack horse laden with groceries or buying a new bag most pick the more convenient latter option.

Get ready as we delve into what we think about this and how to stop it by putting some helpful steps in place! Enjoy some laughs and giggles with us in your ears today.

Oh and if you are a super human and have managed to maintain the condition of those little black plastic bases that come with the green fabric bags please jump into our Facebook Community and show us – we need to know!

In this episode we:

  • Discuss the different types of bags we use and for what;
  • Ask how do we stop acquiring more shopping bags;
  • Share ideas on where and how to keep your bags;
  • Tell you what you can do with the ones you don’t need anymore;
  • Give advice to Mandy (and you) on what to do with those blue freezer bags and how to contain them;
  • Challenge you to question if you really do need freezer bags and suggest alternate uses for them;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Too Peas in Podcast Podcast

Special thanks to akreviews for your review! Don’t forget to come share in the Facebook Community what you do with those bits of black plastic in the bottom of your reusable fabric bags! Oh and maybe write us a review too!

Also thanks to Mandy for supplying us with excellent material for the podcast!!

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