Sports Equipment

This week we chat about decluttering your sports equipment. What are you still using? Do you have sport equipment for a sport you haven’t played in 20 years? Should it be moved on to a memorabilia box or donated rather than taking up real estate in your cupboards/garage. Do you have a treadmill that makes you feel guilty every time you look or can you not even see it anymore because it has become a clothes horse? In this episode we encourage you to clear all the clutter off the treadmill and use it or let it go! You also get to hear all about the many different sports and exercise activities of Amy (& Kirsty) and we give you great tips on how to store your equipment and where to donate good condition used items to. As always we hope you have a giggle with us and enjoy the conversation!

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you still love it?
  • Do you still use it?
  • Are you just holding onto the dream of using it again in the future?
  • Is it in good condition still?
  • Could someone else get more joy from it?

Thanks to Owen Gray for the requesting this weeks topic.

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