When was the last time you got genuinely excited about doing a stocktake in your home? Oh man, it’s one of my FAVOURITE things to do, especially in the kitchen.

In my house, we call a kitchen stocktake EAT YOURSELF OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME and the concept is we use up as much as we can from our fridge, freezer and pantry over the month of June. One year we saved $1000 in groceries by cooking and eating food which we’d already purchased!

The best place to start with a stocktake is your kitchen, but you could do it with clothes, toys, business supplies, office supplies, kitchen plastics… wherever you keep inventory (so basically everywhere) you can do a stocktake for the purpose of knowing exactly what you have and then deciding exactly what you think you’ll need in the future.

Learn how to do a stocktake in your home, how it can help you save time money and energy (new word… monergy!!)

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