The Holding Zone

This week we get passionate about the holding zone! The what? So you have started decluttering and you want to move your things onto their next home (op shop, specialty space, reselling) but you just haven’t gotten there yet, what do you do? You create a holding zone of course! But where?

In this episode we:

  • Challenge you to move things on from the holding zone to their next home by making frequent trips to your local op/thrift shop.
  • Encourage you set space and time limits for the ‘holding zone’ and not to give into declutter’s remorse.
  • Give you some tips for actually moving these items along to their next home.

Things mentioned in this episode:

● Book a donation pickup from Salvos : https://salvosstores.com.au/free-collection-request

● Book a donation pickup from Vinnies :https://www.vinnies.org.au/page/Donate/Donate_Goods/

● Book a donation pickup from Diabetes Australia :https://www.diabetesvic.org.au/collection-business

● Purple People Eater: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9H_cI_WCnE

● Thank you “DFDA10” for your Apple Podcast review and Olivia McMullin for the topic suggestion!

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Thank you to my sound engineer, Jarred from Four4ty Studio.

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