Themed Decluttering

When my kids were little we had a zoo membership and used to try to visit every few weeks. The challenge was the zoo was too big for us to see everything, every time. So we created themes for each visit.

Australian animals… animals that are bigger than we are… animals that live in water… white animals. It made an otherwise potentially overwhelming zoo visit into a fun themed visit.

In your decluttering you might play this game on your own, or with your kids… “let’s see if we can declutter 3 red things”. Or you might set yourself a theme of just decluttering broken toys in the backyard, or 5 novels you’ve already read, or large pieces of unused furniture. Instead of just seeing decluttering as a room by room, or space by space job, get creative and see what categories you can use to see your home with fresh eyes and tackle decluttering from a new perspective.

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