Three Times A Day

Remembering to do ANYTHING 3 times a day is a huge effort, requiring mental load that frankly, most of us don’t have. And when you do have to do something 3 times a day (like tidying up toys, clearing the kitchen bench, washing dishes) it kind of feels like you spend all day doing it because every time you look around, it is messy again or needs your attention.

Explore the idea of reducing anything you’re doing 3 times a day into incidental habits rather than a big task that you have to remember to do and might seem overwhelming. Instead of clearing the bench 3 times a day, can you get into the micro habit of putting things away instead of on the bench? Instead of tidying up a messy playroom 3 times a day, can you get into the micro habit of helping your child pack up one activity before moving onto another?

Simplification is the key!

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