Top Tips for Downsizing

Moving to a smaller home can be stressful especially when you’ve collected a lifetime of memories and belongings. Today we are revisiting our downsizing topic but with much more detail and even more practical advice!

Focusing more on those at the retirement/empty nester stage of life we take you through our top tips to make your downsizing experience a smoother one.

We believe that EVERYONE is unique and every SITUATION is unique – what will work for you may not even work for your partner!

So get ready for an episode chock full of practical tips to get you set up and living your best new season of life!

In this episode we;

  • Share that decluttering plays a key role in any downsizing process;
  • Remind you that having a clear vision for your new home that you can come back to will help you when things get bumpy;
  • Give suggestions for ways to honour sentimental items and preserve the memories;
  • Suggest enlisting the help of professionals during the downsizing process;
  • Emphasise having grace for yourself and those around you – packing up a life time of possessions is BIG!;

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