Treasure Hunting

Do you love to treasure hunt?

We love treasure hunting with clients! There’s nothing quite like the look on a client’s face when they find that missing passport or birth certificate or that lost earring they thought was long gone. Some of our clients also love to treasure hunt outside the home – hands up if you too love finding a treasure on the side of the road?!

Today we encourage you to look for the gold in your homes when you are decluttering by picking out the treasures and letting go of the rest. We share stories about helping clients find their treasures and coaching them in asking the hard questions when it comes to those roadside treasures too.

If you’ve found yourself with a pile of projects that you’ve not quite got to yet or you’re always losing things then make sure you tune in for all the gold in today’s episode.

In this episode we;

● Define what we mean by treasure hunting in relation to decluttering;

● Encourage you to look for the gold in your home and how it can motivate you in your decluttering;

● Learn about the time Amy thought she had a priceless antique in her possession and what she learnt from the experience ;

● Talk about roadside ‘treasures’ and give advice on how to be intentional with these;

● Highlight that important stuff can get lost amongst the clutter especially paperwork;

And so so so so much more…

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