Vacuum Effect

Have you ever noticed that when you clear a space in your home, you instinctively want to fill it with something else? We call this the vacuum effect. A space will draw things into it unless you set an intention for the space you’ve created.

Today I chat with Bonnie from Little Miss Organised about the Vacuum Effect as well as other areas of decluttering we can’t help but discuss!

Think of your kitchen table… you clear it off and then 24 hours later a new pile of random clutter has accumulated. Or you empty out a cupboard and it just doesn’t stay empty, random things are magnetised into the space, almost like it’s a crime to have empty space in your home.

The vacuum effect is strong – and it’s only nemesis is INTENTION. If you create intention of what the empty space is for (say actually leaving empty) then the vacuum effect is neutralised.

The vacuum effect also happens when you declutter and a room/ cupboard/ wardrobe/ pantry etc. When you’ve reduced the quantity, you might instantly have a compulsion to go and purchase things to ‘fill the space’. You declutter 40% of your clothes, because honestly you just don’t wear them… but even though you know you don’t need it, you start searching online for new clothes. Instead… make the decision and intention that you’re going to experiment living with less clothes for the next month and see how that goes. Be OK with the space you’ve created and resist the draw of the vacuum effect.

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