Hello, I'm Aileen

Hello, I’m Aileen. I’m a Decluttering and Organising Expert at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Melbourne clients.

I’ve always loved organising spaces, and my passion for decluttering grew after having kids and seeing the significant impact clutter can have on everyday life. Since then, we strive to simplify our lives, surrounding ourselves only with things we need and love.

Decluttering can feel daunting, but there’s also an incredible sense of calm when the chaos brought by clutter is gone! I would love to help you achieve a home where you feel happy, and are relaxed to be in. Less mess, less stress! And no judgement here, as I also went through phases of collecting way more than my physical and mental spaces could handle.

I understand that everyone’s needs are different. I really love learning about how a family functions, and then coming up with solutions and systems that best suit them.

With two young kids, I relish all the fun, silly, and creative times I have with them. Our family loves going on trips and relaxing in nature. Whenever I get the chance, I enjoy cooking or baking, and watching home makeover shows.

I look forward to helping you get out of clutter and chaos, and start enjoying the freedom!

Aileen x

Client Feedback for Aileen

I would like to say thank you and commend the professionalism, care and attention to detail

I would like to say thank you and commend the professionalism, care and attention to detail provided by Aileen of The Art of Decluttering.
I was extremely anxious but she immediately put my mind at ease and has set a guide to make my space liveable again.
Her intuition to assist me with my ASD (NDIS) sensitivities made the process feel ok at each step.
I would like to thank Aileen and Amy who made the process possible 😊

Emily K - Frankston North

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