Hello, I'm Amy

Hi, I’m Amy. I’m the owner of The Art of Decluttering and I love empowering our team to help you, our community find freedom from clutter.

I’ve been a Decluttering and Organising Expert since 2014. Before I discovered that decluttering could be a career, I worked in office management, was an Executive Assistant and ran an ecommerce business.

I’ve always been really organised, I even became a pro at organising things I didn’t even need anymore!! I organised items that were actually just unnecessary clutter: childhood collections, kids toys, books, even excess furniture… it was all kept and organised ‘just in case’ I needed it one day.

When I discovered the concept of minimalism I was motivated to clear the clutter and stop the constant tidying up. As I worked on my mindset about my possessions I gained freedom. Less stuff to organise means more time for the important things in life.

I can’t put into words how much I love helping people achieve freedom from clutter. Seeing our growing team of Decluttering and Organising Experts serving clients each and every day is amazing. I love working on big jobs, managing a team of organisers so we can help you achieve a decluttered home with the maximum efficiency.

I wrote my first book, ‘Simply Organised‘ in 2016 and in 2017 started my podcast, The Art of Decluttering. Whether you like to grow and be inspired through reading or audio, I’d love to encourage you to explore ways to connect and grow with myself and my incredible team by your side.

I’m Mum to two teens, Jesse & Elijah and married to my best friend Cal. In my downtime, you’ll find me doing a puzzle or hanging out with my extended family enjoying a meal, and the fun of family.

Amy x

Client Feedback for Amy

Fast & Efficient

Amy was fantastic and I would recommend her services to anyone considering decluttering their home. She has good suggestions and ideas for everywhere I get stuck and she's fast & efficient!

Kate H - Hawthorn

I have decluttered stuff that I don't need

The Art of Decluttering introduced me to Amy and with her help I have decluttered and chucked a heap of stuff that I don't need

Emma B - Kensington

Breath of Fresh Air

I have used other professional decluttering and organising services and have been left with chaos and stress.
I have Multiple Sclerosis with extreme fatigue , pain and at times cognition issues . Working with Amy has been a breath of fresh air-professional, friendly, going at my pace, non-judgemental and not pushy, a great organised working system and very knowledgeable regarding recycling /donating etc.
This is my path to freedom. Thanks Amy

Marcelle C - North Warrandyte

Supportive & Non Judgemental

Amy has worked with me in a supportive, non-judgemental way to clear my home, ready to move interstate. 100 bags of stuff that I didn't need to pay to move has gone to recycle and waste. I am loving my clear shelves and the brain space of having a fresh home.

Therese G - Brunswick East

Worth Every Dollar

Thanks to Amy and her crew this was the easiest house removal I have ever experienced. I had accumulated over 30 years' worth of goods and furniture and was moving from a 8-room farmhouse to a 2-bedroon unit so the prospect was daunting when you consider that I am in my 80s and my wife is in her late 70s. I needn't have worried at all. Amy was understanding, efficient, professional and reassuring. Her communication was proactive, regular and responsive and she kept her promises completely. She and her team dealt with all the last minute problems creatively and effectively and the whole job was done to our complete satisfaction. All we had to do was to decide what we needed to take with us and that was all packed ready for the removalists while everything else was either disposed of or given to a local charity. We are so glad that we found these people and decided to use them - it was worth every $ we paid them. Thank you, Amy and your team.

David S - Hackney SA

Feeling lighter and so happy

I had a nightmare 'hoarder room' that I could barely get into and Amy helped me to transform it into a practical, useful space by helping me get prioritise what was important to keep and what I needed to let go of....hint, years and years of stuff. Amy made the whole process a pleasure and the results have left me feeling lighter and so happy. I can't stop looking at it 😂

Lisa W - Kew

Absolutely Incredible!

Amy and Jacqui have been absolutely amazing in helping me sort and declutter two decades of accumulated detritus! I've been looking at my cupboards and shelves for years telling myself that I really need to sort that out one of these days... and it just never happened. The longer I left it, the harder it was to even consider trying to sort it all out.
Amy and Jacqui have been absolutely incredible! In only 4 sessions I've been able to go through my whole house and all of my belongings!! Everything has a home and I've consolidated my belongings to keep the things I'm still using and either donating or disposing of all the hidden things I've had sitting around for 6 or 7 years (or much more in some cases!).
I truly couldn't have gone through everything I own without their help and support. Not just the physical going through and emptying of things, but the emotional and stressful toll of doing this kind of thing is something I just couldn't face and without their help and support I'm sure I'd still have things piling up until I need to move house again.
Thank you Amy and Jacqui - I can't believe the difference you've made. My house feels like a friendly and safe space for the first time since moving in almost 7 years ago! I can't thank you enough. 🙏🧘🏅❤️

Dave P - Mount Waverley

Amy has been a life saver - truly

The time and effort (and enthusiasm) Amy brought to her on-site visits with me WAS the difference to me for achieving where i am today.
I love the podcasts and courses, but I needed someone present, with me to 'push' and 'encouragement' me to DO IT! I am grateful for Amy's commitment and assistance to help me turn my unit into a lovely comfortable place to be! I am learning along the way too. I am not finished yet and hope I can have Amy back to help complete the full project of decluttering my home. This has made a HUGE change to my life already. Amy has been a blessing to me! Thank you.

Lise H - Chadstone

You've worked your magic for my mum

Amy, even from when I first contacted you through email I sensed you would have the gentle but direct approach needed for my mum. You've worked your magic and taken a huge burden off her shoulders. She spoke so highly of you when telling me about the experience and I could hear in her voice how much lighter she felt after achieving this clear out. She's now excited and confident to take the next step for the future. Thank you for your part in this.

Alicia K - Boronia

Amy is exceptional at what she does

Amy can transform chaos into organisation with a smooth easy system. Nothing seemed too difficult for Amy and our session was done with lots of laughs too.

Emily L - Eltham

Inspired to continue this process on my own too

We recently moved into our new home. I was getting overwhelmed by the task of finding the right home for all our stuff, which had been hastily moved from our rental and never really put away properly. Amy provided great guidance and pleasant company while we sorted through the stuff over a few sessions. This helped me get inspired and motivated to continue the process on my own too.

Brooke N - Macleod

A pleasure to work with and super efficient

We worked with Amy and her team for 12 hours all up and in that time we packed up a home of 7 ready to move house. We filled a 3 cubic metre skip with things we didn't need that were otherwise cluttering up our home. We had about 40 garbage bags of stuff ready for donation. We now have more than 6 pieces of furniture we no longer need too! It has been an amazing process to go through. Amy and her team were an absolutely pleasure to work with and were super efficient. They also helped change one of my daughter's mindsets (hoarding tendencies) where she now is able to let things go! We certainly are already enjoying the freedom and are so grateful. An investment well worth it and an experience we will treasure forever.

Joan F - Doncaster East

Our playroom is transformed

Amy came to my home and transformed my kids playroom from an overwhelming disaster which my kids hardly used (due to the chaos) to a neat, practical, kid friendly sanctuary.

Kelly S - Wallan

Saving money on groceries!

Amy has done an incredible job with my pantry. It's totally transformed and everything is visible so I no longer double up on any groceries.

Meagan W - Bellfield

Amy is a wealth of knowledge

Amy educates you as she helps you declutter and I can't recommend her enough. She makes a dreadful job so much more fun. Thanks Amy and I look forward to having you as my personal organiser from now on. You rock x

Natasa D - Diamond Creek

Everything now makes sense

I'm not a naturally organised person and I was living in chaos. Hubby and I were ready to install new kitchen cupboards due to lack of space. Once Amy came through and helped me reorganise my kitchen, we no longer needed more cupboards as everything fit coherently! I love working in my new organised space and everything just seems to make sense.

Miriam R - Montmorency

I'm a mum of 4 and now feel organised again

Amy came into my disorganised life and transformed the clutter to a home that's liveable and versatile and organised. I'm a mum of 4 and EVERYTHING Amy put in place has worked and adapted to the needs of the kids.

Paige S - Healesville

I cannot thank Amy enough

Schools are notorious for having lots of cluttered rooms, nooks and crannies. With space at a premium we enlisted Amy to help. The results have been amazing. She is professional, efficient and very flexible. It was a great pleasure to work with her and I highly recommend getting help from this team when you need to get rid of your clutter and restore order and harmony to your workplace or home.

Leanne S - School Principal

I feel back in control

I am a really organised person, yet I get overwhelmed. I moved into my new home 2 years ago and quickly unpacked without really having a proper place for everything. I am like a new person. I feel in control, I know everything has a place, and I feel cleansed and able to stay on top of everything. I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. Money well spent!

Frances C - Hampton

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