Hello, I'm Hayley

Hello!! My name is Hayley and I am a Decluttering and Organising Expert,  looking after our clients in Melbourne’s East for The Art of Decluttering.

I am Mumma for four young children and have a passion for contemporary dance choreography and performance. I enjoy making connections with new people from all ages and stages of life.

I love encouraging people in their next steps to freedom, whether in their home or in the dance studio, holding space for them to thrive and move forward 🙂

Creativity is my superpower in finding solutions, and I will usually do a happy dance when a space has gained new life through decluttering!

Hayley x

Client Feedback for Hayley

Caring and Respectful

I was amazed that we were able to move out of one full room into another full room of stored furniture and end up with a lovely new bedroom to use. The ideas and experience shined through every step of the way. I was treated with great respect and I chose where everything went. It felt really great to have 2 rooms totally transformed. I loved the organising and labelling of bathroom clutter into containers and the ease of using that now. Knowing where things are makes for a less stressful life. Wonderful job done by a caring and respectful woman.

Diane J - Gruyere

A weight fell away from me, I felt light, I felt happy.

I’ve worked with a declutterer before and it was shame filled, stress filled and made me feel like there was something wrong with me. More recently I’d been diagnosed with ADHD and learnt my clutter was a symptom! And so I found declutterers who would be sensitive to my many physical limitations and mental needs.

Hayley and Hannah came over, I had forgotten they were coming but they were totally unphased, friendly and supportive. They cleared everything off the floor, then the dining table, then the two boxes from mums house then assembled Ikea furniture, hung my clothes and went through my papers… they did it all WITH me, every step of the way, we found easy solutions that would work for me. And this was just the first session!

When they left, a weight fell away from me, I felt light, I felt happy. I hadn’t felt this at all in my new home. I know this service is costly, but it is making a home I WANT to be in, so I don’t need to escape to expensive AirBnBs and hotels anymore!

Thank you both so much!

Louisa S - Fitzroy

I wouldn't have been able to do this without your team

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much to the team who helped me on Monday. All of the girls were so nice and helpful. They got so much done and ready for our move which I wouldn't have been able to do without them!
I am so glad I was able to utilise your services.

Lianna A - Berwick

Made the impossible possible!

A HUGE THANK YOU to the lovely ladies that came today to make life more manageable for me. Gold Star material!!!
They made what was impossible for me, possible. They've taken a true weight off my shoulders.

Carol D - Dandenong North

These services have helped beyond words

I just had a chat with my NDIS participant who you have been helping, firstly, I want to thank you for doing such great work - these services have helped beyond words.
She is so pleased with the results! And seems to be enjoying her space much more and is even confident to invite guests over.

Amelia C - Support Coordinator

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