Hello, I'm Jacqui

Hi, I’m Jacqui. I’m a Decluttering and Organising Expert at The Art of Decluttering and I work with our Melbourne clients.

My background is in primary teaching and I have extensive experience working with children with special needs. I really love coming alongside overwhelmed families and helping to create family routines/ systems and order that reduces stress. Sick of nagging your kids to tidy up? My passion is helping kids develop independence and learn the art of decluttering and tidying up. Playrooms, children’s bedrooms… prepare to actually enjoy walking into them instead of closing the door as you walk past.

I see a lot of NDIS clients, both adults and children and have experience working with clients with physical & psycho-social disabilities.

On weekends you’ll find me happily cooking for my family and friends, and I love organising clients’ kitchens and pantries for efficiency and ease and functionality.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you live free from the burden of clutter.

Jacqui x

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Client Feedback for Jacqui

Cyclone on two legs!

Jacqui was a cyclone on two legs! I SO appreciated seeing my spare room floor again!! Keep up the fantastic work everyone.

Glenda E - Shepparton

life changing

Honestly the help I've received has been life changing. Jacqui and Leah totally transformed my house in my sessions, and doing basic household tasks are so much less overwhelming now that everything is decluttering and organised in a way that makes sense for me. Jacqui and Leah were supportive and friendly throughout and gave me lots of helpful tips along the way. 100% would recommend.

Josie L - Shepparton

HUGE thanks and admiration

I have appreciated Jac's amazing work each time she, alone or with another, has worked here.
As well as her delightful nature - I love the amazing woman that she is.

Yesterday, her and Rebecca's work surpassed all to date. The study is immaculate.
The lounge with it's newly acquired/repositioned carpet piece is heavenly.
And the previously overwhelming second bedroom, which was re-jigged and still stores some of my zillions of boxes to be sorted in the future - now neatly arranged on a bookshelf and therefore less daunting - is promising and no longer a place of which I was ashamed.

MANY thanks to you, Dear Jac and Delightful Rebecca.
With HUGE thanks and admiration

Della B - Reservoir

Jac is kind natured & I would recommend her to anyone

Thank you so much for sending me Jacqui. I find her very enjoyable to work with. She explains everything well to me as I am vision impaired.
I found it very difficult at first to get rid of stuff in my home. It’s getting easier as I go along. I’m feeling better about it. I love the idea of my stuff going to Savers as it is going to someone else & not just being thrown away.
The sessions with Jacqui are always very valuable to me. We always have a bit of a laugh & have good communication between us which is important to me. She is kind natured & I would recommend her to anyone.

Adua M - Coburg

Jacqui and Lauren got so much done in a short period of time!

Thank you so much for sending Jacqui and Lauren to help me declutter and get organised. I've been struggling, and they both worked their magic to transform my home. They worked so hard the whole time, it really made my day to have their help.

Tia V - Nunawading

Jacqui has enriched my life as I navigate my new chapter as a widow

Jacqui is professional and beautiful, I am glad I met her. Jacqui has enriched my life as I navigate my new chapter as a widow.

Manar E - Roxburgh Park

I loved the experience and it has changed my quality of life

The session was amazing, Jacqui was amazing, I loved the experience and it has changed my quality of life. Please give Jacqui all of my thanks and love, she really was amazing.

Georgina M - Brunswick West

safer more workable, less cluttered living environment

I would like you to pass on my sincerest thanks to Jacqui for her outstanding work with me. Her patience, flexibility and commitment to helping me achieve a safer more workable, less cluttered living environment has gone way above my expectations.

I'm looking forward to Jac's ongoing help in the coming months.

Jennifer E - Drouin

I can't believe how good my space looks

I'm super impressed with Jacqui's skill and manner. She made an otherwise daunting task so much fun, she is great to work with. Even areas in the home I was nervous to tackle look so much better, I can't believe how good the space looks. I was surprised to find that time flew by when working together with Jacqui and I can't wait to keep working with her!!

Michael H - Altona Meadows

A Massive Thank You

I would also like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you. I heard amazing things from my NDIS participant about Jacqui and apparently they have done a really amazing job, and she is happy and confident that this will make a huge difference in her world 😊

Natalie C - NDIS Support Coordinator

spreading kindness

You have been a breath of fresh air for me. Kindness is spreading sunshine into other people's lives regardless of the weather and you have done this for me by helping me declutter my life.

Gina P - Germantown

Fab company with gorgeous people

The Art of Decluttering has been so great to work with from dealing with Amy on the phone pre-appointment to the amazing Jacqui who shows up exactly on time to every appointment and meets mess and chaos with a calm and measured eye. Jacqui is highly organised, calm and efficient and has helped wrangle areas of my house I haven't been able to face dealing with! She has unlocked space and works like a machine.

Megan W - Elwood

Jacqui was the perfect fit

Jacqui was wonderful today! We got to do all of my Mum's kitchen and my Mum is over the moon. She is already thinking about the other areas in the house she wants more help with now.

Sachini G - Taylors Lakes

I now have a clean organised home

I had a lovely lady Jacqui, who helped me with my whole house. I now have have a clean organised home. Thank you so much The Art of Decluttering.

Sherri C - Boronia

Easiest House Move I've Ever Experienced

Thanks to Amy and Jacqui this was the easiest house removal I have ever experienced. I had accumulated over 30 years' worth of goods and furniture and was moving from a 8-room farmhouse to a 2-bedroon unit so the prospect was daunting when you consider that I am in my 80s and my wife is in her late 70s. I needn't have worried at all. All we had to do was to decide what we needed to take with us and that was all packed ready for the removalists while everything else was either disposed of or given to a local charity. We are so glad that we found these people and decided to use them - it was worth every $ we paid them. Thank you, Amy and Jacqui.

David S - Hackney SA


Amy and Jacqui have been absolutely amazing in helping me sort and declutter two decades of accumulated detritus! I've been looking at my cupboards and shelves for years telling myself that I really need to sort that out one of these days... and it just never happened. The longer I left it, the harder it was to even consider trying to sort it all out.
Amy and Jacqui have been absolutely incredible! In only 4 sessions I've been able to go through my whole house and all of my belongings!! Everything has a home and I've consolidated my belongings to keep the things I'm still using and either donating or disposing of all the hidden things I've had sitting around for 6 or 7 years (or much more in some cases!).
I truly couldn't have gone through everything I own without their help and support. Not just the physical going through and emptying of things, but the emotional and stressful toll of doing this kind of thing is something I just couldn't face and without their help and support I'm sure I'd still have things piling up until I need to move house again.
Thank you Amy and Jacqui - I can't believe the difference you've made. My house feels like a friendly and safe space for the first time since moving in almost 7 years ago! I can't thank you enough. 🙏🧘🏅❤️

Dave P - Mount Waverley


Thank you Jaqui. My bathrooms are purged of unnecessary stuff, towel overload, and half used stuff I’ll never actually use. My most used items are easily accessible and super neat. Jaqui never told me what to keep and what to toss. She asked questions and watched me decide. Without her in the room I would’ve kept a lot of those half used things I never actually use. My irrational hoarding brain was being monitored by a professional and geez it changed the way I saw my stuff. The kids love the new look bathroom too. 😍

Jade G - Templestowe

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