Christmas Declutter Challenge

Create Space for Calm this Christmas

So I wrote a Christmas decluttering song...

December is a prime decluttering month on your calendar… out with the old before it’s in with the new

Making space is such a great practice before the silly season really ramps up.
It’s amazing the freedom that comes when you take the time to intentionally declutter your home.

Christmas time can be crazy busy and overwhelming and so this challenge is designed to put you back in the drivers seat, back in control and taking positive steps towards your decluttered home.

What You Get

Declutter Challenges

Daily videos and blogs with a declutter challenge for each day. If you’re a high achiever we have a bonus challenge every day too!

Christmas Hacks

We want your Christmas to not only be decluttered, but organised. So enjoy our BONUS Christmas hacks!

Peace & Calm

Enter this holiday season feeling organised and calm. Replace stress with peace and get back to enjoying this special season.

What Our Course Members Say

It’s a helpful course but it’s also fun!

The 12 Days of Christmas decluttering challenge is a great way to tidy up and make space in your life for things that really matter especially at this time of year. Tossing out rubbish for a tidy home and giving good quality items to charity in the spirit of Christmas. Curating decorations and platters to keep and use will help your Christmas home look amazing.

It’s a helpful course but it’s also a bit of fun. I enjoyed it!

Madonna S - Brisbane QLD

The challenges are quick and fun

The Art of Decluttering 12 Days of Christmas gives me decluttering direction in this busy season to help me get my home ready for the holidays each year! The challenges are quick enough to find time for each day, and presented in such a fun way. Whether you are starting your journey, need some extra motivation to keep going, or just for a touch up, this course is fun, effective and as always, full of grace and freedom!

Rebekah C - Wangaratta Vic

I felt so much more prepared for Christmas

I loved doing the 12 Days of Christmas declutter challenge! It felt so good to be letting go of things and preparing for what was to come into the home rather than just doing the usual Christmas thing of consuming!! I felt so much more prepared for Christmas (especially thanks to all the bonus resources) and was much more intentional when it came to buying gifts.

Belinda W - Schofields NSW

Meet Your Coach - Amy Revell

 I have been a Professional Organiser and Declutter Coach since 2014 and have personally spent thousands of hours with clients practising and implementing amazing habits that have freed them from the feeling of frazzle in their homes. Now I want to pass this knowledge onto you!

I've put together my best secrets so that you can create and maintain a decluttered and organised home that you love.

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