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Say Goodbye to the Burden of Paperwork

Is Your Paperwork Out Of Control?

Are you sick of feeling like your paperwork is never done?

Have you ever incurred late fees or lost important documents you really needed?

Tired of spending time searching for documents in an overflowing filing cabinet?

Do you want a paperwork system that is simple to start and easy to maintain?

If you answered yes to these questions, then it’s time you know the secret to experiencing freedom from the burden of paperwork.

Learn the simple steps to decluttering your paperwork and keeping it organised for life.

You Will Learn

Signature Paperwork System

The Art of Decluttering signature paperwork system will change the way you handle papers in your home

Financial Paperwork

Discover how this simple and life changing system applies to financial paperwork

Health Paperwork

Discover how this simple and life changing system applies to health related paperwork (includes NDIS)

Household Paperwork

Discover how this simple and life changing system applies to household bills and documents

Important Paperwork

Discover how this simple and life changing system applies to important paperwork like certificates and legal documents

Personal Paperwork

Discover how this simple and life changing system applies to personal paperwork like school reports, hobbies etc

Marcelle's Story - Life Change

Paperwork with NDIS

When Marcelle first called me she had tried lots of different paperwork systems to tame the paperwork that was building up. Marcelle had paperwork that had accumulated over the years; storage tubs were overflowing and there were piles building up in the study and on the end of the kitchen table.

She was overwhelmed and unsure what she could get rid of and what needed to be kept. Together we implemented our simple to start and easy to maintain paperwork system and today her paperwork is decluttered, organised and easy to maintain. You can see in the transformation in these photos from tubs and tubs of disorganised paperwork to a simple and easy system that fits inside a cupboard.

“I was literally stuck in a paper/ admin/ study/ office overload, being responsible for all the family admin.

I begged for help from family and my support coordinator at the time; having Multiple Sclerosis this was just too much for me physically, cognition-wise and emotionally. I needed a simple system that was going to work now and in the future. 

We worked systematically through all my paperwork and now I have a clear kitchen table, organised files and a clearer mind.

Paperwork/ admin is sorted, filing system done and everything labelled. Just what I needed”. Marcelle

Suitable for NDIS Participants


Specially designed modules to support NDIS participants, this course is suitable to complete alongside support or independently. Manage plan paperwork, medical papers, financial papers and easily find everything you need for appointments and meetings.

Whether your household affairs are simple or complex, this system is flexible and adaptive to your unique situation.
This system works for single people living in shared accommodation as well as people managing large families, and everything in between.

For self managed participants, click on the button below to purchase.

For plan managed participants, please fill out this form to have a personalised invoice sent, and when invoice is paid you’ll receive access to the course.
This course is suitable for billing under 01_134_0117_8_1 Development of daily living and life skills – Self Managed Capacity Building (Core Supports)

What You Get

Online Learning

Enjoy lifetime access to the course from the comfort of your own home, in your own time

Paperwork Podcasts

Curated paperwork podcasts covering sentimental papers, kids artwork and more

Bonus Resources

You'll receive checklists, flow charts and product recommendations so you have everything you need to get organised

Meet Your Coach - Amy Revell

 I have been a Professional Organiser and Declutter Coach since 2014 and have personally spent thousands of hours with clients practising and implementing amazing habits that have freed them from the feeling of frazzle in their homes. Now I want to pass this knowledge onto you!

I've put together my best secrets so that you can create and maintain a decluttered and organised home that you love.

This course was recorded with my previous co-owner, but the content, processes and system are all exactly the same and when the course is updated you'll get automatic access to all the new material!!

What Our Course Members Say

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access this course?

All courses are hosted on Thinkific, which is a course platform that you can access straight through The Art of Decluttering website. The login button is on the top right hand corner of the website and you can access all courses you’ve enrolled in there.

Once I join, how long do I have access to the course for?

All courses have lifetime access so once you enrol, you are a member for life. Lifetime learning is encouraged and you’re welcome to come back whenever you need. Decluttering is like fitness, you will become fitter as you go but it’s always an ongoing process as new things come into your life and seasons change. You will also receive any and all future updates for free!

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, there is a monthly payment plan available which is $65 per month for 4 months.

How much time will I have to set aside to do it?

The video module’s watch time is approximately 2.5 hours. This is where you’ll learn the simple to start and easy to maintain paperwork system. 

Included are 5 bonus modules (approx 1 hour watch time) which are specific to the paperwork categories that are covered in the course. You may choose to watch one or all of these modules, the principles are the same for each, but there are relevant specific examples in each module that relate to that category.

Because you have lifetime access to the course you can go through at your own pace.

Can anyone do this course?

Yes, it’s suitable for those right at the beginning of sorting out their paperwork right through to book keepers who are looking for a system to help their clients implement. 

If you are an NDIS participant (Australia) you may be able to access this course through your NDIS plan. Please email us at [email protected] and we can issue you an invoice so you can claim it through your plan.

Is it worth the investment?

Yes! Have a think about what your time is worth? What is your freedom worth? What is your mental health worth? What is the value of having organised paperwork worth to you? 

Nothing is held back in what is shared in this course and if you were working with a Professional Organiser 1:1 to teach and implement the same material it could cost up to $5000.

So is it worth it? The members say a resounding yes!

Do I need to buy storage containers or a filing cabinet?

The beauty of this system is that it is simple to start and easy to maintain. Part of this is that you can implement the system in just one folder if you would like to. If you want to use a filing cabinet, the system works fine for that too. There are details within the course about a couple of storage options which are inexpensive and easy to use.

You don’t need to purchase paperwork storage solutions before going through the course modules as creating the best solution for you is part of this course.

Will you tell me what paperwork I need to keep?

Not only are you set you up with a great system, you also get The Art of Decluttering exclusive paperwork flowchart so that you can make the best decision for each and every piece of paper so that you can decide what is right for your unique situation.

Will I have to move everything online?

Absolutely not! This system works whether you keep 100% physical papers, 100% digital papers or any combination of the two.
Whether you decide to do physical or digital storage is completely up to you and both are covered in detail in this course.

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