Decluttering Courses

We have spent many years and thousands of hours with our clients practising and implementing amazing systems and habits that have freed them from the feeling of overwhelm in their homes. Now we want to pass this knowledge onto you!

We offer short courses, declutter challenges, our paperwork course as well as our signature Head, Heart & Home course.

Come join us, we’d love you to have you in our course community!

Amy & Kirsty x

Head Heart and Home
$497 AUD, payment plan available

Is your home out of control?

Tired of feeling like you’re always tidying up but never actually organised?

If you answered yes to these questions, then we think it’s time you know the secret to experiencing freedom and joy.

Together, we will explore what it takes to have a home that is welcoming and well-organised – where you are free to focus on living freely and abundantly.

Paperwork Course
$247 AUD, payment plan available

Join us as we unpack our simple three step signature paperwork system that works for every person, in every home.

We’ve implemented this system in our own homes and in the homes of clients around the world.

Together we’ll help you work through all your paperwork, knowing what needs to be kept, what can be accessed online and give you a system for storage that is simple and effective.

Wardrobe Challenge

Does your wardrobe need a MAJOR declutter?

Would you love to open your wardrobe and feel like it’s super-organised, and full of the things you LOVE?

Join our FREE 5-day wardrobe declutter challenge!

We will spend five days together decluttering your wardrobe.

Online Selling Course
$17 AUD

Clear the clutter & make some cash!

When you’re decluttering it can be hard to let go of items that that you’ve spent good money on. Selling things online allows you to recoup part of your initial purchase price and we keep the circular economy going. Win win win!

In just 25 minutes, learn everything you need to know about selling your second hand goods online

Christmas Challenge
$27 AUD

Christmas doesn’t need to be all about clutter – this year make it about creating space

We have created an AWESOME Christmas Challenge so that you can create a peaceful and clear home before Christmas.

Each day for the first 12 days of December you’ll get a declutter video AND a Christmas hack to help the whole season be more organised.

Come and join us and make this your most peaceful Christmas yet.

What You'll Receive

Video Lessons

Video modules with decluttering and organising secrets to set you free from overwhelm.

Facebook Community

An amazing Facebook community to further encourage and inspire you in your decluttering journey.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime access to help you stay organised for life.


All our courses can be done in your own time, in the comfort of your own home.

Weekly Podcasts

Continue your personal growth and empowerment through our weekly podcast.


Always have access to updates, upgrades and bonus material as it is released.

What Our Course Members Say

Meet Your Declutter Coaches

Amy and Kirsty, the duo behind The Art of Decluttering, are both experienced professional organisers who provide declutter services and online coaching across the world.
We are passionate about bringing you courses to teach you all you need so you too can declutter and organise your way to freedom.

Contact Us

Hi, I'm Kirsty. I’m the co-owner of The Art of Decluttering and I'm so excited to bring you all our online courses.

I’ve been a Professional Organiser since 2012 and I'm passionate about helping you live your best life in a decluttered and organised home.

As a wife, mum and business owner I understand your desire for a home that runs smoothly and stays organised. Life can be full, and if you're anything like me, the only thing I want to do at 9pm at night is relax (rather than tidying up).


Hi, I'm Amy. I’m the co-owner of The Art of Decluttering and I'm so excited to bring you all our online courses.

I’ve been a Professional Organiser since 2014 and I love helping people achieve freedom in their homes.

One of the things I love about online learning is you can do it while you're sitting through yet another night of kids basketball training OR in your pj's on the couch while having a cup of tea!

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