Online Selling Course

Turn Your Clutter into Cash!

Whether you’re selling baby supplies, a car or a treadmill that has become a clothes horse we’ve got you covered.

We share in this short course, our top tips for selling second hand items on eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace.

We’ve used these secrets to sell over $80,000 of second hand items online and we know that if you use these principles you too can turn some of your clutter into cash!

When you’re decluttering it can be hard to let go of items that still have life left in them, try your hand at selling things online so they find a new home. The benefit is you recoup part of your initial purchase price and we keep the circular economy going.

In just 25 minutes, learn everything you need to know about selling your second hand goods online.

Cash Jar

You Will Learn

Facebook Marketplace



What You Get


Feel confident in knowing where to start and what to list in selling items online with our expect tips and tricks


Learn how to safely sell online, from exchanging money through to arranging collection of items


Learn how to take your decluttered items and turn them into profitable online sales

Meet Your Coach - Amy Revell

 I have been a Professional Organiser and Declutter Coach since 2014 and have personally spent thousands of hours with clients practising and implementing amazing habits that have freed them from the feeling of frazzle in their homes. Now I want to pass this knowledge onto you!

I've put together my best secrets so that you can create and maintain a decluttered and organised home that you love.

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