Memories. Does the Maroon 5 song come to mind?

Memories play a more significant role in decluttering and organising than we often recognise.

Creating Memories: ultimately the reason and motivation behind decluttering and organising is to create life memories. Whether it’s the memory of a peaceful and relaxed home or space to leave the house and create memories of travel, adventure, creativity and experiences, it’s important to live a life of treasured memories.

Storing Memories: how you store your memories (aside from in your mind!) will help you keep both a home that is organised and not overrun with items relating to the memories of your life. It’s also important to curate what you keep and the incentive for the curation is so that you can tell stories and recall memories.

Recalling Memories: there is no point storing your memories in tubs, hidden away forever forgotten, never remembered and shared. Instead being intentional about how you pick and choose what to display, what to use to recall memories and creating tools for storytelling and long term generational memory.

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