Great Expectations

Does expectation drive you into action or do you feel it sets you up for disappointment?

Can your expectations daunt you or spur you on?

Today we explore these and more when it comes to how we respond to the expectations we put on ourselves. Get ready to ask yourself ‘why’ A LOT in an effort to help you better understand what kinds of stories you are telling yourself that then lead to the creation of your expectations. It’s not easy when missed expectations cause discouragement or disappointment, so we hope that you come away from this episode with a greater understanding of how to set yourself up for success with your great expectations.

In this episode we;

  • Follow on from last week’s episode and chat about happiness vs joy;
  • Challenge you to go after joy rather than chasing after happiness;
  • Suggest having an open mind when it comes to expectations can reduce our ability to be disappointed;
  • Highlight the importance of questioning yourself and where your expectations have come from;
  • Give suggestions of how to adjust to having more realistic expectations;

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Brene Brown

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