Running Out

Does the idea of running out of something cause you untold anxiety? Could you learn to use the moment of running out to embrace making do? Or learn to live with less?

I’ve found the most natural way to declutter is to use what I already have in my home. Use things up before buying a replacement. Think about how we so often shop – it’s retailers and companies that often dictate when we purchase, how many items we purchase and how much money we spend. We are unknowing slaves to their marketing agendas.

Be challenged on the concept of ‘running out’. How does it feel to you to run out of something? Does it make you stressed? Or does it actually create more space in your home, less to keep track of?

Often if you have more of an item than you need, it’s actually harder to keep track of it (think the more pairs of glasses you have the harder it is to find a pair).

It’s also easier to keep track of things, you’re not constantly trying to work out if that’s the ‘good one’ or one that only has a few wears/ uses left in it. Make sure you listen today as this hack has the potential to change the way you store and use items in your home.

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