Becoming an Artist

Nic Bryan is a wife, mum, teacher, artist and one of our Head, Heart and Home course members. When she shared recently in our Head, Heart and Home Community about the impact decluttering has had on her ability to get creative and produce incredible artworks out of second hand and recycled materials, we just knew we had to find out more!

Amy caught up with her recently and got to hear Nic’s journey about how experiencing freedom by decluttering lead her to unlock a whole new part of herself and step into becoming an amazing artist with a passion for the environment.

In this episode we;

  • Learn who Nic is, what she does and a little bit about her decluttering journey;
  • Hear some of Nic’s tips to other artists and creatives for getting re inspired;
  • Find out what led Nic to using and becoming so passionate about recycled items in artwork;
  • Highlight the importance of utilising natural limits and containerisation (is that a word?!) to your advantage when organising art supplies;
  • Give practical examples of how families with kids can store their art and craft supplies;

And so so so so much more…

We hope from this conversation we all learn something and put a smile on your face!

Things mentioned in this episode and other helpful links:

Jeannie Baker – Children’s Author mentioned by Nic

Lids 4 Kids

The Dump – Bluey episode about recycling Episode

● Nic’s Facebook

● Nic’s Instagram

● Nic’s Website

Thank you so much Nic for your time!! It was a pleasure to have you share your story with us and our listeners.

Thank you to AbigailLying for your podcast review!! If you love turning recycling in to art like Nic does, then its your turn to leave us a review!

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