This week on the podcast we talk about emotions. How to know when to ask more questions of yourself, how to acknowledge your emotions and how to work through them are just some of the things we cover. This episode is jam packed with advice and tips to help you navigate the trickiness of your emotions when decluttering at home or with a friend. We also share our experiences with holding space for our clients as the full range of emotions come out in decluttering sessions. We hope that this episode helps you to dig a little deeper and equips you with tools to achieve your decluttering goals. Make sure to check out the rest of the shownotes in your podcast app or on our website for links to many of our other episodes that cover some of the specific emotions mentioned.

In this episode we:

  • Discuss how clutter vs decluttering can make you feel;
  • Highlight the importance of recognising how clutter makes us feel;
  • Encourage you to dig into your feelings to see what’s really going on;
  • Share loads of advice for decluttering on your own at home;
  • Challenge you to NOT use your emotions as the basis for making decisions;

Special thanks to thegigglingili for your lovely review!!

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