Logical Organising

How do you decide where items should live in your home? Do you put things where you think everyone else would put them? Do you put them in what you think is the ‘right’ place?

If you’re struggling to work out the home for an item, where it should live, ask yourself, “where would I go to look for this item?” That might give you a good indication of where to store it.

When you have to search for something in your home, don’t put it back where you found it, put it back where you first looked. Counter intuitive as you think, “Oh I’ll remember that for next time” but really… the first place you looked might be the most logical place to keep something. No use having things organised, but you still can’t find them!

Be intentional about your organising, think about where you use an item, how you use it, what you use it with (think scissors and sticky tape for gift wrapping). Then work to see if you can create a logical home for that item where you’ll know where to find it when you next need it.

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